No Night So Dark: Part Two

Martin Ida Tom on the terrace of their flat, photo: archive of David Vaughan

We continue our seven-part serial No Night So Dark, telling the remarkable story of the Wels family.  In Part 1 we got to know the teenage Martin Wels and his parents in Prague a few weeks after the beginning of World War Two. And we met Martin’s nephew Colin, who eighty years later is piecing together the fragments of his family’s past from his home in England. 

In this episode, we are drawn still further into the past, as one family story uncovers another.

Part 2 features Markéta Richterová, as Ida Wels, Oliver Paul Dubsky as Martin Wels, Alex Went as Rudolf Wels, Gordon Truefitt as Šimon Wels, and Colin Wels, Gerry Turner and David Vaughan as themselves.  The series was written by David Vaughan, with sound editing by Jiří Matějček.

We shall be continuing with Part 3 next week. You can also subscribe to the serial as a podcast.