No Night So Dark: Part Six

Martin Wels' calendar, photo: archive of Wels family

In the previous episode we followed the career of the architect Rudolf Wels along with his wife Ida and their two sons Tomáš and Martin. We joined the family in 1930s Prague, where they lived in a smart new flat designed by Rudolf himself. 

This week international politics casts a long shadow over the life of the family, as their world suddenly begins to shrink.

We hear Markéta Richterová, as Ida Wels, Oliver Paul Dubsky as Martin Wels, Alex Went as Rudolf Wels, Gordon Truefitt as Šimon Wels, Dominik Jůn as Tomáš Wels, Patricia Goodson as Martha Sharp, Grant Podelco as Vincent Sheean and J. James Ingle, Stephen Weeks as Emil Vogl, and Colin Wels, Marta Holeková, Gerry Turner and David Vaughan as themselves.  The series was written by David Vaughan, edited by Jiří Matějček. We’ll be continuing with the final episode, Part Seven, next week.

Author: David Vaughan
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  • No Night So Dark

    How a family rediscovered its past in defiance of those who tried to wipe out memory.