No Night So Dark: Part Seven

Photo: archive of Wels family

In the previous episode we saw the impact of the German occupation on the once rich life of the Wels family. We saw how Rudolf, Ida and Martin sought comfort in the letters they managed to exchange with Tomáš in England, and in their friendship with the Štifter family in Prague. 

At the beginning of 1942 they are summoned to the so-called Radio Market in Prague-Holešovice, and from there they are deported to the Terezín ghetto.

In this, the final episode of No Night So Dark, we hear Markéta Richterová as Ida Wels, Oliver Paul Dubsky as Martin Wels, Alex Went as Rudolf Wels, Gordon Truefitt as Šimon Wels, John Tregellas as Josef Poláček, and Lisa Miková, Marietta Šmolková, Colin Wels, Gerry Turner, Marta Holeková and David Vaughan as themselves.  The poem We the Dead, Accuse, is read by Ruth Fraňková.  The series was written by David Vaughan, edited by Jiří Matějček.

Author: David Vaughan
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  • No Night So Dark

    How a family rediscovered its past in defiance of those who tried to wipe out memory.