No Night So Dark: Part Five

Ida and Rudolf Wels in Vienna around 1917, photo: archive of Wels family

Welcome to Part 5 of our serial No Night So Dark, tellling the story of five generations of the Wels family. In the previous episode we followed Rudolf Wels through his childhood in rural Bohemia and heard how his father Šimon battled against prejudice to give his children the best possible education.

Today we pick up the story.  Rudolf has qualified as an architect in Vienna and has been working in the office of the legendary Adolf Loos.  But in 1914 war breaks out.

We hear Markéta Richterová as Ida Wels, Oliver Paul Dubsky as Martin Wels, Alex Went as Rudolf Wels, Gordon Truefitt as Šimon Wels, John Tregellas as Guido Lagus, and Colin Wels, Gerry Turner, Michael Rund and David Vaughan as themselves. Michael Rund’s words in English are read by Rob Anderson. The series was written by David Vaughan, edited by Jiří Matějček. You can hear Part Six next week.