• 02/26/2021

    Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has said the government will declare a new state of emergency, after the present one expires on February 28. The lower house on Friday rejected the government’s proposal to extend the ongoing state of emergency by another 30 days, due to the fact that the present state of emergency –called at the request of regional governors – was legally questionable.

    The lower house approved a law on pandemics on Friday, which will give the Health Ministry exceptional powers, but the government says it is not sufficient to deal with the exceptionally grave coronavirus crisis.

  • 02/26/2021

    In connection with the spread of more aggressive mutations of the coronavirus, the Czech government has banned Czech citizens and foreigners residing in the Czech Republic from travelling to countries with an extreme risk of these mutations as of February 26.

    The list of extreme-risk states include Botswana, Brazil, Swaziland, South Africa, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania (including Zanzibar and Pemba), Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    In the event of urgent trips which cannot be postponed travellers are obliged to notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic about their trip via the ministry’s database DROZD. Violations of this measure will be sanctioned under the Public Health Protection Act.

  • 02/26/2021

    Saturday should bring partly cloudy skies with day temperatures between 4 and 9 degrees Celsius.

  • 02/26/2021

    The coronavirus drug bamlanivimab, which helps high-risk patients to avoid developing complications, has been administered to the first patient in the Czech Republic.

    The woman, who was treated in Prague’s Thomayerova hospital, was released from hospital soon after. The hospital has 500 doses of the drug at it disposal.

    Prime Minister Andrej Babiš on Friday criticized the government’s expert group for being too cautious in recommending the purchase of drugs such as bamlanivimab or regeneron.

    He said the Czech Republic has been offered 10,500 doses of bamlanivimab and had only acquired 2,500. It is expecting 4,000 doses of the drug regeneron in the coming days.

  • 02/26/2021

    Justice Minister Marie Benešová has turned to the Supreme Court with a complaint regarding the severity of a verdict for a petty theft.

    The complaint refers to the case of a homeless man who was sentenced to two years in prison for the theft of five bread rolls.

    The man appealed and his sentence was lowered to 1.5 years in jail. The exceptional punishment was due to the state of emergency in place at the time of the theft.

    The defence argued that the homeless man had been driven by hunger and had not been looting, but the argument was not taken into consideration.

  • 02/26/2021

    Teachers will be able to start registering for a Covid vaccine from Saturday, February 27, Health Minister Jan Blatny confirmed at a press briefing on Friday.People aged over 70 will be able to start registering as of Monday, March 1st.The start of registration for these two groups was set two days apart to prevent the system from collapsing.

    Over 3,000 GPs are due to get involved in the process of vaccination as of Monday, although some of them say they are still waiting for vaccines and needles.

    624,000 health workers and people over 80 have been vaccinated to date, of which 233,000 have received both doses.

  • 02/26/2021

    The number of Covid patients in a serious conditions reached a new high at 1,531 on Friday morning, according to data released by the Czech Health Ministry.

    The number of newly detected cases continues to rise, with 14, 457 cases detected on Thursday, 2,800 more than on the same day last week. The death toll is now close to 20,000.

    The first cases of the South African mutation were officially confirmed in the Czech Republic on Thursday. The more contagious British mutation is now dominant in many parts of the country.

  • 02/26/2021

    Slavia Prague have caused a sensation in the round of 32 in football’s Europa League, after beating Leicester City, who are near the top of the English Premier League on Thursday night. The Czech champions scored two goals in the second half from Lukáš Provod and Abdallah Sima  at Leicester’s King Power Stadium for a 2:0 victory on the night and the same score on aggregate in the two-legged tie in the competition’s round of 32.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • 02/26/2021

    The Czech government has laid out new measures it would like to impose in a bid to curb a surge in coronavirus cases.

    It plans to ban movement between different districts (with exceptions for travel to work or to look after a relative), to close kindergartens and schools and some of the shops that have hitherto been allowed to open.

    The government does not plan to shut down factories and other workplaces but it will subsidise testing at companies.

    The quarantine period is to be extended from ten to fourteen days, due to the more contagious variants of the disease.

    The new restrictions would come into force n Monday and last for three weeks.

    Author: Ian Willoughby
  • 02/25/2021

    The so-called South African mutation of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the Czech Republic, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said. There had been reports in previous days that there were suspected cases of the variant, which is relatively contagious. A number of cases have been linked to a group who travelled to Zanzibar.

    Author: Ian Willoughby