• Weather forecast


    Saturday should be partly cloudy with scattered showers in the eastern parts of the country and day temperatures between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.

  • Czech Railways develops app to improve rail safety


    In the wake of a spate of train accidents this month, Czech Railways say they have developed a mobile app aimed at increasing rail safety.The app will show train drivers the position of other trains in the area at any given time and issue early warning of a potential collision. Communication between train drivers and operators will also be intensified.

    Czech Railways started developing the app at the beginning of July when a head on collision caused by human error killed two and injured 24 people. The app is currently being tested in several regions.

    There were five incidents of collisions, near-collisions and derailed trains all caused by human error this month.

  • EU contributes to cost of Czech repatriation effort


    The European Union has refunded a large part of the cost of bringing Czech nationals and other EU citizens back home at the start of the coronavirus epidemic this year, the Czech Foreign Ministry said on Friday. According to the ministry, the EU covered 75 percent of the cost, paying 77 million crowns.

    The repatriation effort brought home over 5,000 Czechs and close to 1,000 citizens from other EU member states. Czech Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček said he appreciated the contribution saying it further demonstrated European solidarity in a crisis.

  • Number of infected in Prague club rises to 109


    The number of people who contracted COVID -19 at the Prague Techtle Mechtle club during a birthday party this week has reached 109, the head of the Prague hygiene office, Zdenka Jágrová, reported.

    She said she expected the number to rise further since the young crowd at the party had numerous social contacts which were still being traced. 270 people have already been quarantined.

    The party crowd took no precautions against coronavirus and is reported to have drunk cocktails from one straw. Epidemiologists have warned that such events are extremely risky.

  • Senate nominates personalities for state distinctions


    The Senate has nominated 32 persons for high state distinctions to be awarded by President Miloš Zeman on Czechoslovak Independence Day, October 28. Among those nominated are the long-time head of the Czech Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetský, brain surgeon Vladimir Beneš and microbiologist Sona Peková.  The Senate has proposed awarding a medal for bravery in memoriam to nurse Věra Hanušová who died after contracting COVID -19 from a patient.

  • Coronavirus: New facemask rules take effect at midnight


    Health Minister Adam Vojtěch has announced new restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus. As of midnight on Friday, facemasks must be worn at indoor events with over 100 people and as of Monday public gatherings will be restricted to 500 people.

    Masks will not be compulsory on trams, trains or in shopping centres, though as of Monday they will be required in pharmacies and medical facilities in the Czech capital.

    Minister Vojtech said officials will issue a traffic light map identifying risk and infection levels nationwide.

    The decision came following a sudden surge in cases in recent days.

    Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček has appealed to Czechs to wear masks on public transport and enclosed spaces for their own protection regardless of whether they were ordered to do so. He said the rise in coronavirus figures in recent days was “alarming”.

    Author: Brian Kenety
  • Prague to lease 400 hectares to bio farmers, create green bands between plots


    Prague City Hall is offering leases on some 400 hectares of agricultural land to ecological farm projects in a bid to replace tenants using chemical insecticides and fertilizers, Hospodářské noviny reports.

    Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček said Prague wants to divide large fields into areas with a maximum area of five hectares with so-called green bands between them, and to have better biodiversity and water management.

    Hospodářské noviny, which has seen the bids, reports that the bulk of the plots went to the highest bidder Median, a market research agency that owns the Zelený Dvůr bio farm. The contracts have yet to be approved by city councillors.

    Author: Brian Kenety
  • Football: Czech season ending early due to coronavirus


    The Czech League Football Association said it is not possible to complete the league's group rescue due to an Opava player testing positive for coronavirus, and the team now forced to quarantine.

    None of the three teams in danger of falling into the second league, namely Karviná, Opava and Příbram, will be relegated. The victorious Pardubice, and the second-place Zbrojovka Brno will advance to the first league, while third-place Dukla Praha will not.

    Next season in the first league, 18 teams will play and the superstructure will be cancelled.

    Author: Brian Kenety
  • Czech police break up bogus regional e-shop network


    The Czech police have smashed a network of fraudulent e-shops allegedly run by three men from the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. They are said to have cheated around 400 customers of 3 million crowns in total.

    The head of the Czech police force on the fight against cybercrime said the three suspects had faked the sale of goods via 13 different web addresses that began operating in November 2018.

    Author: Brian Kenety
  • Weather


    Friday should be partly cloudy with daytime highs of 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. There is a chance of light rain in the evening, which is expected to continue on Saturday.

    Author: Brian Kenety