• Number of new Covid-19 cases rises on Thursday


    The number of newly registered coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic increased again on Thursday after a three-day slow down, with 132 new cases reported, according to Czech Health Ministry statistics.

    The number of registered cases has reached 12,178. 353 people have died and 7,822 have recovered from the disease. At the moment, 123 people are hospitalized with COVID 19.

    The high number of new cases over the past two weeks is related to the blanket testing in the region of Karviná, which is currently the largest hotspot of the disease in the country, with an average of 279 cases per 100,000 people.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Visegrad group states hold summit in Warsaw


    The leaders of the Visegrad states met in Warsaw on Friday for their first face-to-face talks since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The talks focussed on the EU’s recovery fund, which the V4 leaders stressed must be fairly distributed among EU members, bilateral relations and the priorities of the upcoming Polish presidency of the V4.

    The Visegrad group states do not approve of the fact that under the current proposal a third of the 750 billion euro recovery fund would go to help Italy and Spain – the countries most affected by the pandemic. They stressed that fiscally disciplined countries should not be put on the hook to repay loans that would benefit countries with little or no fiscal prudence, which had been deep in trouble even before the pandemic hit.

  • OKD suspend operation at Karviná mines due to Covid-19 outbreak


    OKD will suspend operation at all of its mines in the Karviná region due to a Covid-19 outbreak, Czech Television reported on Thursday.

    The mining company decided to take this step after the blanket testing of its employees for coronavirus at the ČSM hard coal mine.

    According to preliminary results, some 17 percent of the workers have tested positive to date.

    The outbreak of Covid-19 first occurred at the company’s Darkov mine in mid-May.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Smetana’s Litomyšl music festival gets underway


    The 62nd annual Smetana’s Litomyšl music festival, focusing on opera and instrumental music, gets underway in the east Bohemian town on Thursday evening.

    The opening concert will present a selection of Bedřich Smetana’s work, from the symphonic poem Moldau to duets and arias from his most famous operas.

    The main festival centre is the Renaissance chateau in Litomyšl, which is the birthplace of Bedřich Smetana.

    Among the musicians to perform at this year’s event, which runs until July 12, is Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek and horn player and conductor Radek Baborák.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Weather


    Friday is expected to be cloudy with scattered rain showers and storms. Daytime temperatures will range between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Court rules Czech state to apologize in Peroutka case


    The Ministry of Finance will have to apologize for Czech President Miloš Zeman’s false accusation that the acclaimed Czech writer Ferdinand Peroutka admired Hitler.

    The Prague Municipal Court on Thursday ruled in favour of an appeal filed by the writer’s granddaughter Terezie Kaslová against an earlier verdict issued by the Prague 1 District Court.

    The case involving the Czech head of state dates back to 2016, when he claimed that Peroutka had penned an article entitled ‘Hitler is a gentleman’.

    To this day, neither Prague Castle staff nor historians have managed to find the alleged piece.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Klementinum records first tropical night of 2020


    Temperatures in some parts of the Czech Republic didn’t drop below 20 degrees Celsius during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, making it the country’s first tropical night this year.

    The Klementinum in Prague, which is the oldest measuring station in the Czech Republic, recorded 20.7 degrees Celsius.

    In most parts of the country, night temperatures ranged between 15 to 19 degrees Celsius.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Top Football League matches postponed after players test positive for Covid-19


    Several matches in the Czech Republic’s top football league have had to be postponed after three players from Karviná tested positive for Covid-19, the website SeznamZprávy.cz reported on Thursday.

    According to Dušan Svoboda, the head of the country’s League Football Association, it is not yet clear whether the whole team will have to go into quarantine.

    In such a case, the whole Czech top football league might not be completed. So far, the three matches, which were due to take place this weekend, have been postponed until Wednesday.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Study: Czechia Europe’s best manufacturing destination


    The Czech Republic is the best destination in Europe for manufacturers seeking to scale up their production, according to a study carried out by the agency Cushman & Wakefield.

    Globally, the Czech Republic came fourth behind China, the United States, and India, up from fifth place last year.

    Among the major contributing factors are the country’s strategic position in the centre of Europe with good transport infrastructure, advanced local businesses, an economic and political environment with a low rate of risk and also moderate labour, energy and development costs, the study suggests.

    In terms of the risk rating, the Czech Republic came seventh this year, with Germany being the only European country to outperform it.

    Author: Ruth Fraňková
  • Wednesday sees lowest increase in COVID-19 cases in over a week


    Wednesday saw 92 new cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the Czech Republic. It is a lower number than over the past week, when nearly every day the amount exceeded three digits. The town of Karviná in the Moravian-Silesian Region remains the area of highest risk with 270 cases per 100,000 people. Nearby Frýdek-Místek is the second largest hotspot with an average of 34 cases per 100,000 people.

    According to the latest official data, 12,046 people in the Czech Republic have been infected with COVID-19 of which 349 died. Currently, there are 3,900 individuals battling the disease, while 7,797 have recovered.

    Author: Tom McEnchroe