Czechs mark St. Wenceslas Day

Friday is St Wenceslas Day, an official state holiday in the Czech Republic, marking the death of the nation's patron saint. As is the tradition on this "Day of Czech Statehood," Prague Castle, as well as town halls and churches throughout the country, are holding celebrations to commemorate the martyrdom of Prince Wenceslas, who was killed on this day in the year 935 by his brother Boleslav. Over a thousand people made a pilgrimage to the town of Stara Boleslav where the murder took place and attended an open air mass celebrated by Cardinal Miloslav Vlk.

New media law to pave the way for digital broadcasting

The lower house of Parliament has approved a new media law which will pave the way for the introduction of digital television broadcasting. Under the new legislation broadcasting licenses should be granted to all applicants who meet basic conditions once the current analogue broadcasting system is switched off in 2010.

Suspended sentences for football violence

Nine Czech supporters of first division Banik Ostrava have been given suspended sentences of between eight and twelve months for their part in an attack on a group of Polish football fans last year. The group attacked supporters of Polish side Legia Warsaw who were travelling to Vienna for a first round UEFA Cup match against Austria Vienna on September 27, 2006. Some 50 Banik fans, aged between 20 and 33 years, waited for the Poles at the station at Ostrava, near the Polish border, bursting onto the train where a fight broke out. There is a long-standing rivalry between supporters of Banik, who have the reputation to being the most violent in the Czech Republic, and Polish fans who live just over the border.

Extradition hearing on Krejcir to be held as planned

A South African court is holding an extradition hearing in the case of fugitive Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir who is wanted by the Czech authorities for extensive fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to murder. The court on Thursday rejected a request to postpone the hearing for a fourth time. Krejcir was arrested at Johannesburg International Airport when he tried to enter the country on a false passport. He has acquired property in South Africa and is hoping to start a new life there with his family.

PM asked to explain car purchase deal

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek was asked to explain the purchase of a second hand Volvo by his current partner Lucie Talmanova during Thursday's question and answer session in the lower house. The opposition Social Democrats say that the deal seems suspicious since the car was bought from a businesswoman who had ties with the J and T Bank, which is interested in buying shares in CEZ that the government is planning to sell. The businesswoman in question is reportedly a friend of Lucie Talmanova and had recently received an 8 million crown loan from J and T Bank to open a luxury boutique in the centre of Prague. The prime minister said that the transaction had been above board and there was no conflict of interests.

Lower house approves amendment to bankruptcy law

The lower house of Parliament has approved an amendment to the bankruptcy law aimed at giving creditors greater protection and speeding up bankruptcy proceedings. The amendment will bring the law in line with EU norms and regulations. It has yet to be approved by the Senate and signed by the president.

Former and current presidents to guest-edit Hospodarske Noviny

Former Czech president and playwright Vaclav Havel will guest-edit next Friday's edition of the economic daily Hospodarske Noviny, the newspaper reported. Mr. Havel has already chosen his themes for the edition, editor-in-chief Petr Simunek said. Simunek said the daily had also asked the current Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, Havel's longtime political rival, to be editor for a day. The idea is to give readers an insight into the opinions of Czech decision makers. The daily is following the example of British newspaper The Independent which invited U2 singer Bono to be guest editor last year.

Four killed in road accident

Four young people were killed and two others badly injured when their car skidded on a wet road near the town of Olomouc in the early hours of Friday morning. The police say that the accident was most likely caused by heavy rain and poor visibility but they have not ruled out drink-driving. It appears that the young people were returning home from a party and it is not even clear who was driving at the time of the accident. The two survivors are said to be in a coma.

Crown ends week slightly stronger to euro, dollar

The Czech crown ended the four-day week stronger to both the euro and the US dollar, following other currencies in the region, the Patria Online server said. The crown traded at Kc27.58 per euro and Kc19.50 to the US dollar.


The belt of rain moving across the Czech Republic should affect us for another 24 hours but on Sunday the rain should cease and meteorologists predict a gradual improvement with sunny skies and day temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.