Czechs preparing a Garden of Fantasy and Music for World Expo 2005

Garden of Fantasy and Music

The 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan is expected to be something of a revelation. The organizers have moved away from the traditional concept of "trademark" goods and have chosen a theme that will inspire participants to make a unique and imaginative presentation: Nature's Wisdom. This week, Daniela Lazarova got a small preview of what the Czech Republic will bring to Expo 2005.

When I first saw the winning model for the Czech pavilion in Aichi I was transported to a different world - a surreal world that makes you feel like you have just stepped into a Dali painting. The garden of Fantasy and Music was created to reflect the sub-theme The Art of Life, and is based on the interaction of light water and music. Martina Honcikova, PR manager for the Czech Republic, says that this is a pavilion where visitors are expected to be active and creative:

"This time we opted for a very playful exposition. Basically we want the visitor to become a part of the exhibition. They can touch and play with the objects on display and set off special effects. It will be very musical, and as we all know the Japanese love music, so I am sure it will be quite a success."

I understand there will be a lot of interaction between music, light and water...

"Yes that is true. We will have a pool in the pavilion and the pool itself will play music or sounds -and it will be the visitors themselves who will "orchestrate" all the special effects. So I think it will be a lot of fun for them."

By setting off the interaction of water, light and music -at a mere touch of the hand - visitors can create their own Garden of Fantasy and Music. If you don't touch anything, there will be silence, and the lights will dim, says the author of the project Petr Nikl.

Of course, there will be special accompanying programmes both in Aichi and other parts of Japan, so visitors will not miss things specifically Czech, as Martina explains:

"We have prepared six programmes, six special programmes in the course of Expo 2005: a week of Czech music, a presentation of Czech films, a presentation of Czech ecological projects, a presentation of Czech studio glass and of course the highlight of all this will be the Czech national day at the expo. And, at the expo site itself, we will also present the different Czech regions -in the pavilion."

There will also be a Czech restaurant at the expo, won't there?

"Definitely. We will have a restaurant in which we want to serve typical Czech food and, of course, we must not forget Czech beer, which is popular not only in Japan. I think it will be quite a success - even now the Japanese are very much looking forward to it."

The World Expo in Japan will take place from March 25th until September 25th, of 2005. 125 countries will be represented at the expo and it is expected to attract some 15 to 20 million visitors from around the world.