Czechs below EU average in frequency of online purchases

Photo: Pixabay

Czechs come below the European average when it comes to frequency of online purchases. That’s according to the continent-wide E-shopper Barometer survey conducted by Direct Parcel Distribution, which was cited on Friday by the Czech News Agency.

Czech consumers buy things via the internet 36 times a year on average, according to the report, four behind the average figure for the entire continent.

Britons top the online shopping table, making such purchases an average of 46 times annually, ahead of the Dutch on 44 and the Irish on 43.

The survey found, however, that Czechs are relatively demanding customers, placing higher demands on carriers and demanding flexibility and more specific delivery times, the Czech News Agency said.

When it comes to satisfaction levels with regard to e-shopping, the Czechs are pretty much in accord with the rest of the continent. Some 80 percent of survey respondents around the continent said their last purchase had been easy, compared to 79 percent of those surveyed in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Petr Kološ / Czech Radio

Czechs most frequently make online purchases via a notebook computer, with smartphone being their second most common option. At the Europe-wide level most internet shopping is done by mobile, the report suggested.

When it comes to the delivery of online orders, Czechs have far higher expectations than other Europeans. They typically expect a delivery person to adapt to their requirements and are more likely to insist on information in real time.

Czech consumers are sensitive to accuracy and want to choose delivery time in advance, the survey indicates.

Czech customers tend to seek out references on social networks and also take advice from family and friends when it comes to e-shopping. Like other European customers, they are suspicious of the recommendations of online “influencers”.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries with the largest number of online stores, with about 40,000. The number of e-shops last year increased by 3.5 percent year-on-year.

According to the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK), Czechs bought goods for a record CZK 155 billion via online stores in 2019, which was 15 percent more than in 2018.

E-shop sales in the Czech Republic had been expected to grow by approximately by 15 percent in 2020.

However, that figure has been revised upward and growth of 20 percent – and a total figure of CZK 190 billion – is now anticipated this year.