What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “Czech Republic”?

Often it is Czech brands that stick in people’s minds and they think of the Czech Republic as the country which gave the world Pilsner beer, Moser glass, Becherovka liquor, Skoda cars or Bata shoes, as well as a number of world-famous super models and hockey players.

But the Czechs have also given the world a number of inventions and innovations that are less well-known, although millions of people around the world use them every day and in their day and age they were truly revolutionary.

How many people today realize that the contact lenses they use every day are a Czech invention, or that the sugar cube they toss into their coffee cup was invented on the territory of present day Moravia back in 1843?

In a new series, Radio Prague International, will introduce the Czech inventions that changed the world.

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