Vesna gearing up for Eurovision semi-finals

If you’re a Eurovision fan, you’ll already know that the semi-finals are coming up this Tuesday 9 May. The all-female group Vesna are representing the Czech Republic at this year’s Eurovision Song contest with the song "My Sister's Crown", which features lyrics in English, Ukrainian, Czech, and Bulgarian.


Vesna is headed by frontwoman Patricie Fuxová, who explained to Radio Prague recently what the song is about:

Vesna | Photo: Czech Television

“Basically, the whole idea of the song, what I am singing in Czech, is not to stand in a corner, which in Czech means don’t let yourself down. Don’t let yourself be in the position of an underdog.”

The band’s permanent members come from Czechia, Slovakia and Russia, but their Eurovision entry song also features Bulgarian rapper Tanita Yankova and Ukrainian musician Kateryna Vatchenko.

Patricie Fuxová told Radio Prague that they are hopeful that they will make it into the final, which is taking place in the UK city of Liverpool on 13 May.

“We are really happy to be part of the process. However, since the betting odds are in our favour and the BBC has also put us as one of the top 10 finalists we are trying to use this as a mind-set to really make it into the final. We would definitely be very grateful.”

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