Travel between districts banned, schools and kindergartens closed as epidemic worsens

The Czech government has enforced strict new measures around the country in an effort to lower mobility and prevent the collapse of the health system as coronavirus infections soar.

As of midnight Sunday people cannot travel between different districts with exceptions for medical reasons, work or to look after a relative in which case they will be asked to produce an affidavit or written statement from their employer).

Schools and kindergartens are closed with the exception of special groups for children of health workers and emergency crews.

Only shops selling basic necessities, pharmacies and flower shops have been allowed to remain open. Other stores which previously had exceptions, such as stationary goods, children’s’ wear and shops selling sewing supplies have been ordered to close.

Respirators or masks with nano-filters are compulsory not just in shops and on public transport but at workplaces as well. People outdoors in inhabited areas have to wear a face mask at least. Home-made masks are no longer allowed.

The government has appealed to the public to limit their contacts with others to an absolute minimum.

The new restrictions will be in force for three weeks.