Monday sees Covid restrictions in Czechia lifted for shops and wide range of services, vaccine registration to open for over 45s

This Monday sees another wave of reopenings as part of the gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions in the Czech Republic. Shops and a wide range of services are now allowed to reopen for clients. Furthermore, Monday also sees the re-establishment of classroom teaching for elementary school students.


The lifting of restrictions means that all small shops in all regions of the country are now allowed to reopen. Staff and clients are obliged to wear respirators and there can be no more than one person inside for every 15 square meters of space. Markets selling all kinds of goods are also allowed to operate.


Photo: Luboš Pavlíček,  ČTK

When it comes to services, watchmakers, car saloons, photography services, shooting ranges, solariums, goldsmiths, carpenters and childcare services for minors under the age of three, such as crèches, can now reopen. Printing and pawn shops are among other stores which have been given the green light. Furthermore, cableways are now also allowed to operate as well.

Castles and chateaus across the country can now also welcome visitors to their outdoor spaces.

The maximum number of attendees to weddings and funerals has been raised to 30.

Culture Minister Lubomír Zaorálek has also hinted at the possibility of reopening cinemas and indoor events up to the capacity of 400 people from May 17. However, the proposal first has to be approved by the government.

Face masks

Monday also sees the loosening of rules when it comes to the wearing of facemasks and respirators. Covering one’s face in residential areas is now mandatory only in situations where social distancing of two meters or more is not possible. Respirators remain compulsory indoors.


Photo: Lucie Hochmanová,  Czech Radio

In the education sector, elementary schools across the country have restarted classroom teaching. However, rotational teaching – which means that children spend one week learning at home and one week in the classroom – remains in place, as does compulsory regular testing.

Health Minister Petr Arenberger also told journalists last week that he has good news for amateur sports enthusiasts.

“Up to 30 persons taking part in organised amateur sports activities will now be allowed in outdoor spaces, with two persons allowed to compete indoors. This is valid for minors up to the age of 18.”

Vaccine registration

From Tuesday, the minimum age for vaccine registration will also be moved down from 50+ to 45+. Health Minister Petr Arenberger said last week that technically even younger groups could now be eligible for the vaccine, but the government is avoiding expanding too fast in order not to overburden the registration system.

Petr Arenberger | Photo: Office of Czech Government

“At this stage, we can afford to offer the vaccine to more or less everyone. We are still following the age group system, but the reason for that is mainly so that the [online] registration system does not get overwhelmed [with large numbers of new registrants). From June we will probably open up registration for everyone, as is standard for any other vaccine.”

Speaking to CNN Prima News on Sunday, Mr Arenberger also did not rule out that outside spaces in restaurants could reopen from next Monday, depending on the latest epidemic data. However, he stressed that the government will be careful with its decisions so as to prevent reopening too soon and thus risk another wave of the epidemic.