Stricter Covid-19 testing rules apply to people entering Czechia as of Friday

Testing requirements for people entering the country will change as of February 5, with a new category of high-risk countries in place. Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček said that new Covid-19 strains were the reason for the change.

The ministry’s updated travel map will have green, orange, red and now also dark red designations. As of Friday, anyone entering the country from a high-risk country will have to present a negative PCR test upon entry and quarantine for at least five days before being tested again. They must then wear an FFP2 respirator in public for another five days.

Countries in the new ‘dark red’ risk category include Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, the Baltic States, Slovenia and Ireland. In the case of ‘red’ countries, apart from a pre-trip test, a PCR test will be required within five days of arrival.

Author: Brian Kenety