Senate speaker to take decision on Taiwan trip by end of June

Speaker of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil of the Civic Democrats said on TV Prima he will take a decision about whether to travel to Taiwan at the latest by the end of June. He said he will first discuss the idea with foreign policy experts, economists and human rights advisors.

The trip to Taiwan had been planned already by his predecessor Jaroslav Kubera, who then died suddenly in January. The trip has been heavily opposed by the Chinese Embassy and the Czech president. China does not recognise Taiwan and there are fears, as stated in a letter from the Chinese Embassy, but possibly penned by the Office of the President according to some media reports, that the trip would result in punishing economic measures by China on Czech businesses.

Mr Vystrčil said after a meeting with President Zeman two weeks ago that, if China dictates terms, his trip to Taiwan will become “ever more realistic”.

Author: Tom McEnchroe