Rybičky 48 – Masters of Czech pop punk

Rybičky 48

Rybičky 48 is perhaps the most famous Czech pop punk band. Founded in the city of Kutná Hora in 2002, the band broke into the mainstream three years later after signing a contract with the famous Supraphon label. In 2011, Rybičky 48 was the support band at the Prague concert of one of the most famous pop punk bands - The Offspring.

The group was first called Banánové rybičky (Banana Fish), but eventually the band members decided to replace “Banánové” with the number 48. Its three core members are singer/bass guitarist Kuba Ryba, guitarist Petr Lebeda and drummer Ondra Štorek.

After signing with Supraphon, the band made three music videos to the songs Reality show, Sexuální akrobat a Wo-co-de!, eventually releasing the album Adios Embryos in 2006.

Especially at the beginning of their music career, Rybičky 48 were known for fast paced pop punk songs with melodic, catchy riffs, similar to the internationally renowned San Diego band Blink 182.

Photo: Official website of Rybičky 48

This type of music also characterised the band’s second album - Amores Perros, Voe!, which was released in 2008. The name of the album refers to the eponymous Mexican film. As for the word “voe”, it is a colloquial expression which is the abbreviation of “vole”, meaning “ox”, widely used in everyday language.

A year later, Rybičky 48 released their third album, called ¡Viva la Revolución!. The title track pokes fun at the “Sunday punks” who wear red Che Guevara shirts, and talk about revolutionary conspiracies while ordering a Coca Cola from McDonald's.

The band members are known for not taking themselves very seriously, choosing to focus on entertaining lyrics and humour. This was also noticeable in the song zamilovaný / nešťastná from the 2009 album, which featured Czech Pop Idol contestant Bára Zemanová. The song humorously depicts the different perceptions partners may have in a marital relationship.

Since then, Rybičky 48 have released three more albums, Deska Roku in 2011, Tohle je rock 'n' roll, vy buzny in 2013 and Best Fuck Off / Pořád nás to baví in 2018.

In their 19 year history, Rybičky 48 have played at over 1,000 concerts at home and aborad. The band also regularly plays at some of the biggest annual music festivals in the Czech Republic