Radio Prague listeners send well-wishes on Radio Prague’s 75th birthday

Of course, Radio Prague would not have turned 75 if it wasn’t for our loyal listeners. We would like to thank you for your support and interest over the years, and for the many anniversary emails you have sent in. On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, we did something we usually don’t do – we called some of our listeners from around the world. Here’s one of them, Stan Schmidt. He listens to Radio Prague from Evansville, Indiana, in the United States.

“I started listening to Radio Prague back in 1968. I was spending the summer with my grandparents at the farm, and in the kitchen, there was an old tube radio with a wooden cabinet and my grandfather still used it to listen to the farm reports and baseball games. And that 1930s radio was how I found shortwave and Radio Prague. I would like to thank you for all the news and entertainment over the years. Best wishes for the future of Radio Prague!”

That was Stan Schmidt wishing us a happy birthday from Indiana. Our next listener comes from a completely different corner of the world – Salahuddin Dolar, who lives in Bangladesh and is the president of the Global Radio Fan Club. This is what he had to say:

“I have been listening to Radio Prague from 2002. I enjoy Radio Prague’s program very much. On the occasion of Radio Prague’s birthday, I wish that the station will provide us with more news and information regarding the Czech Republic and stay with us for more than a hundred years from now.”

Thanks very much for that very sweet wish to Salahuddin Dolar from Bangladesh, who has been our listener for nearly a decade. Our next listener is Rodney Bowers from Atlanta, Georgia – he discovered Radio Prague on shortwave radio after returning home from Europe, where he lived for a while with his father, a member of the US air force. His birthday wish really echoes all the developments in our long history – have a listen.

I have been a listener to Radio Prague since the early 1960s, via the shortwave radio broadcasts. Now that those are gone, I have to tune in via the internet, facebook and twitter. I would like to first of all say: Happy 75th to Radio Prague, it has been a great experience for me personally to be connected with the station. My QSL cards from the early days are very important to me, I still have them. And my visit to the station a few months ago was extremely rewarding. Those characteristics are not going to be lost and still in demand in years to come. And I would expect that Radio Prague and its staff would continue to go on for another 75 years.”

That was Rodney Bowers, our loyal listener for almost half a century. Thank you for remaining loyal to us even after the end of our shortwave broadcasts to Rodney and of course to all our other listeners as well.