News of Radio Prague

Reformer priest remembered

Protestant churches in the Czech Republic have held open air masses and commemorative gatherings in memory of the 14th century reformer priest Jan Hus. The Czech nation's John Wycliff , Hus was proclaimed a heretic by the Catholic Church and burnt at the stake in 1415. His legacy was to have a major impact on Czech history and he is regarded as one of the country's national heroes. June 6th, the anniversary of his martyred death, is a state holiday.

Plans to share a satellite frequency

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia are planning to share a satellite frequency. According to Czech telecommunication officials a common procedure was adopted in order to avoid the high cost of broadcasting and operating the satellite. A recent change of Broadcasting Satellite Service rules gives smaller countries the right to jointly control a frequency and split the costs. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia have agreed to share a frequency at the satellite position 12.8 degrees West. The frequency can accommodate up to 35 channels, with a total capacity of 280 digital programme signals. At present the four countries have signed a memorandum of understanding on the common project. An official document, signed by the telecommunications ministers of each state, is expected by the end of August.

Czechs arrested in drug bust

Czech, Moroccan and Spanish nationals have been arrested in a drug bust in Spain during which police seized close to a hundred kilograms of heroin. A spokesperson said eleven people had been arrested on Thursday in a crack- down that was part of "operation Carro" which began in 1999 and has resulted in the arrest of 91 people and the seizure of more than one ton of cocaine and heroin. The police did not say how many Czechs were arrested, but they were reportedly dealing in Turkish heroin.

Czech nationals will not need Yugoslav visas this summer

Yugoslavia has announced plans to abolish visas for summer visitors from the European Union and a number of other countries, including the Czech Republic. For the duration of the tourist season, the nationals of the respective countries will be able to enter Yugoslavia without visas. Travelers will be issued a 30 day tourist pass at international border crossings into Yugoslavia.

Juventus close to signing Nedved

And from the world of sport: Juventus are said to be close to completing the signing of Czech international midfielder Pavel Nedved from Serie A rivals Lazio. Pavel Nedved is said to have told an Italian radio station his mind was firmly made up in favour of Juventus. "With the team being assembled there we can win everything –even the Champions league" Nedved is quoted as saying. According to the CTK news agency Juventus are to pay close to 40 US million dollars for the transfer.

And finally a look at the weather:

After two days of tropical weather, the coming weekend is expected to bring scattered showers and thunderstorms in most parts of the country. We can expect partly cloudy to overcast skies and day temps between 21 and 25 degs.