News of Radio Prague

Police arrest suspected male prostitution gang

Police in Prague say they have broken up a gang accused of running a gay prostitution ring, involving underage boys. In total, 87 people were taken into custody, in an operation called "Operation Spider". Thirteen of those detained were foreigners, and four are already wanted by police. A 14-year old boy was among those arrested. During the operation, the police searched nine houses and several businesses, and confiscated computers, photographs, 400 paedophile videos, catalogues for foreign clients which listed the names of prostitutes, and a small quantity of drugs. The Czech police force launched Operation Spider in 1999 with the co-operation of British, German, and Swiss detectives.

Train carrying nuclear material for Temelin crosses Poland

A train carrying U.S. nuclear fuel heading for the Temelin nuclear power plant in South Bohemia, left the North Polish port of Szczecin on Saturday afternoon. As the Polish radio station Radio Zet reported, the train transporting 23 containers of bars of uranium, which were brought to Poland by sea, is expected to cross the Czech-Polish border by Saturday evening. The Czech and Polish authorities have launched a tight security operation, as opposition from anti-nuclear activists is expected. The route of the train has been kept secret. Anti-nuclear activists have announced, however, that they will be protesting against the transportation at selected areas, probably in southern Poland.

Austria's opposition Social Democrats say Temelin can lead to "political divide"

On a related note, the head of Austria's opposition Social Democrats (SPÖ), Alfred Gusenbauer, criticised the policies of the ruling coalition in Austria on Saturday, questioning its handling of the Temelin dispute. Austria is a nuclear-free country, and many of its citizens oppose the launch of the Temelin nuclear power plant, which is located some 50 km from the Czech-Austrian border. Mr. Gusenbauer accused the Austrian Chancellor, Wolfgang Schussel, of failing to speak out over Temelin. He warned that the differing views over Temelin by the Austrian parties could result in a "political divide" and stressed that it was necessary for them to come to a compromise and be united in their views on Austria's future.

Civic Democrats celebrate 10th birthday

The Civic Democratic Party has been reflecting on 10 years of existence at a party conference on Saturday and Sunday. During the conference, chairman, Vaclav Klaus said he would lead his party to victory in the 2002 parliamentary elections. Speaking to party delegates, Mr. Klaus said he was certain the Civic Democrats would reach the majority of the electorate with its policies. He claimed that most Czech citizens have already had enough experience with the leftist government and added that those parties who claimed to be new, were not. Mr. Klaus also said that one of the most important values, the freedom of the citizen, was not supported by leftists which are represented by the minority ruling Social Democrats, and that is why his party had a better chance of winning.

Cold weather and rain threatens birds

Scientists have warned the lives of many birds are currently migrating to Central Europe from the South are in serious danger. If the cold weather with rain, sleet and snow prevails, many birds whose only source of food are insects will either have to fly to warmer climates or starve to death as most insects are finding warmth and shelter from the cold under the ground out of reach of the birds. The flocks of birds that are most at risk in the Czech Republic are swallows, martins, and warblers.


And finally, a quick look at the weather forecast. Tonight shall continue to see overcast skies with showers in places. Temperatures shall range between 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. Sunday will be much the same with temperatures between 5 to 9 degrees in Bohemia and up to 11 degrees Celsius in Moravia and Silesia.