Klaus disappointed by Social Democrats' rejection of coalition plan

President Vaclav Klaus is disappointed by the fact the Social Democrats have rejected a plan he put forward as a way out of the ongoing political crisis, the president's spokesman told the website Novinky. Mr Klaus on Friday proposed a "rainbow" coalition which would lead to early elections; within hours, however, the Social Democrats said they would not take part.

The party, who came second in elections in June, have also reiterated their call to be given a chance to form the next government, after the winning Civic Democrats failed to put together a viable government.

The leaders of the five parties in the lower house are due to hold more talks with Mr Klaus on Tuesday. It is believed that if they cannot agree on a solution before then, the president may himself choose a new prime minister.

The Czech Republic has been without a stable government since June, when general elections ended in stalemate.

Senior Czech officials welcome Saddam sentencing

The Czech prime minister, Mirek Topolanek, and other senior officials have welcomed the sentencing to death of Saddam Hussein. Mr Topolanek said it had been an act of justice and a warning to other dictators. He also said the fact the former Iraqi leader had been tried in a civilised manner by an Iraqi court offered hope for the country's future. Czech Foreign Minister Alexandr Vondra said it was a historic milestone by which Iraq would come to terms with its past.

Tighter security at Prague Airport from Monday

Tighter security precautions are to be introduced at Prague's Ruzyne airport from Monday; the measures are in line with new European Union rules limiting the amount of fluids and gels passengers may take on board flights, a spokesperson for the airport said. The EU decided to toughen checks after the foiling of an alleged terrorist plan to bomb planes flying from the UK to the United States.

Man charged with possession of five kg of heroin

A man has been charged with the possession of five kilogrammes of heroin. The drug was found in the man's car during a routine police check near Litomerice, north Bohemia. A spokesperson for the north Bohemia customs office said it had been a record capture.

Czech Republic 74th in world in terms of time it takes to start firm

Setting up a company in the Czech Republic takes 24 days, compared to the average of 16 in OECD countries, according to a report released by the World Bank. The Czech Republic ranks 74th in the world in terms of difficulty of starting a company. While there are six steps involved in starting a firm in advanced countries, here there are 10.

James Brown appears in Prague for second time in three years

James Brown has appeared in Prague for the second time in three years. The American music legend, who is now 73, spent more than an hour and a half on stage at Prague's Vystaviste on Saturday night. His set ranged from earlier soul songs such as Try Me to pioneering funk songs like I Got You (I Feel Good).


It should be wet and grey over the next couple of days, though it will get warmer, with temperatures rising to around 10 degrees Celsius.