New coalition should undergo confidence vote by mid-January, says PM Topolanek

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek says a coalition he is hoping to form with the Christian Democrats and the Greens should undergo a vote of confidence by the middle of January. The Civic Democrat leader said on a TV debate programme that he would present the president with a list of cabinet members by next Thursday.

A previous attempt by Mr Topolanek to form a government with the Christian Democrats and the Greens failed as the alliance was one vote short of a majority. The Civic Democrats, who came first in elections in June, say this time they hope to win the support of deputies from other parties.

Police close down far-right concert over hate lyrics

Police shut down a rock concert attended by about 120 right-wing extremists in Ceske Budejovice on Saturday night. The lyrics of one song by a group called Imperium constituted incitement to hatred, said a police spokesperson. Seven arrests were made. The Tolerance watchdog group said it was the first time the police had intervened to break up a meeting of that type for three years.

No danger of radioactive leak, say officials

Officials say there is no danger of a leak of radioactive waste found on the site of a former pig farm in Nalzovice, central Bohemia. The head of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, Dana Drabova, said the levels of radiation found there on Saturday were not "alarming". A specialised company is now preparing to clear up the site.

Conference against US presence in Iraq underway in Prague

A two-day conference against the presence of US soldiers in Iraq is underway in Prague. The meeting, entitled Prague Appeal for Iraq, was originally due to be held at the Czech Parliament, but was moved to another venue after objections were raised.

Czech hiker injured in avalanche in Alps

A Czech hiker was badly injured when he and two compatriots were buried by an avalanche in the Austrian Alps on Saturday. The man was taken to hospital by helicopter with a suspected broken rib cage.


It should be partly cloudy with the chance of rain over the next couple of days. Temperatures are expected to reach around 5 degrees Celsius.