Nation-wide "Flower Day" held to support fight against cancer

Flower for Cancer Awareness

On May 16th, if you took a walk through the streets of Prague and other towns and cities around the Czech Republic, you would very likely be waylaid by students selling small yellow flowers. This is all part of the Czech League Against Cancer's annual "Flower Day", and the proceeds from the sale of these flowers go towards cancer research. All those selling the flowers for the League Against Cancer were volunteers, ranging from cancer support members, to Boy and Girl Scouts and conscientious high school students. Radio Prague's Pavla Navratilova took to the streets to ask these volunteers why they chose to take part.

Flower for Cancer Awareness
Vox populi of high school students:

- "It's my war against cancer!"

- "It's a collection for cancer research and is an event organized by the League Against Cancer. The money goes towards various projects and grants which the League distributes towards various cancer research organizations, for example the Terry Fox group and others..."

- "Today is "Flower Day" and we want people to contribute to our foundation against cancer."

Radio Prague: Why are you involved in selling this?

- "Because we are students in Czech High Schools and people think that students are best people for doing this."

Radio Prague: Are you interested in selling this? Are you interested in the cause?

- "Yes because I know that this is a problem of all of us... it's a global problem, and everyone can get cancer in the future. So it is important to do these kind of things."

The following two respondents are cancer research supporters receiving treatment:

- "We have both had breast cancer surgery and we are now actively involved in an organisation called Mamahelp. Today we are trying to support the fight against cancer because this help is desperately needed."

- "We are working with the League Against Cancer. We are members of an association of women with breast cancer and we are taking part in this venture because our association receives money from it. The money goes towards keeping the association running and funds various projects."

The reasons given by those buying the flowers were also varied...

- "We buy this for people with cancer because this is one free action and we want this do.

- "I buy because I feel with people with who have cancer. I think people in the whole world have to make something for other people because is time now when all people are going fast somewhere and have a lot of problems. This day could be the light point in their day where they can help each other."

Radio Prague Did you buy this every year?

- "Yes, I buy it every year and will buy it next year and the year after, the cause I think is a good thing."

- "Because I want to help people who have cancer... maybe it will help my family in the future."

Radio Prague: Do you buy it every year?

- "Yes, every year.

- "I bought it cause I want to fight against cancer."

Radio Prague: Do you buy it every year?

- "Yes, I try to, but it's the first year that I'm buying it in Prague; normally I'm from Liberec... I think it's held on the same day everywhere in the country."

And if you missed your chance to support The League Against Cancer's "Flower Day" or want more information, you can check out their website at League Against Cancer.

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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