Dolly Buster

Czech born porn star Dolly Buster aims to become a deputy of the European Parliament, Czech mps have failed miserably in an attempt to live on the minimum monthly wage in the Czech Republic, and how long would a Czech with an average wage have to work in order to amass as much money as Bill Gates? Just a few million years...Find out more in Magazine with Daniela Lazarova.

Dolly Buster
The Czech born porn star Dolly Buster has ambitions to become a deputy of the European Parliament. The notorious Czech porn star, who lived and worked in neighbouring Germany, is returning to her homeland and says she wants to use her broad experience to help the Czech Republic become a respected member of the European community. "I want to lead the Czech Republic to a brighter future" the porn star told reporters. One of the small parties on the Czech political scene - the Independent Initiative - formerly known as the Independent Erotic Initiative - has placed Dolly Buster at the top of its list of EU candidates. Party chairman Richard Knot clearly has faith in Dolly Buster's assets, saying her chances of getting elected were considerable. People are simply tired of politicians, he pointed out......

Czech politicians would most likely starve to death if they had to live on the present minimum wage in the Czech Republic. An attempt to show Czechs that it could be done has gone very badly wrong. Out of four deputies who agreed to take part in this experiment - three have run out of money a week before their one month term on a minimum wage expires. Living on the minimum wage entailed spending only 130 crowns a day - a feat which proved a lot harder than it might seem. Only deputy Petr Bratsky claims that he will survive on the money allotted thanks to a few boxes of staples which he prudently bought while he still had money to spend. There's rice, potatoes and flour and I still have a huge box of cornflakes, which I hate, but I think I'll soon be eating those as well, Bratsky said. Deputy Sojdrova has only ten crowns left - and an entire week to go. It makes you think, she told newsmen. I guess we should really revise the question of taxes. These statements have evoked much mirth and quips from those really living on a minimum wage about whether mps would recall any of this when they go back to their normal lifestyle next month.

The current and former presidents disagree on what Prague Castle should look like. While the former President Vaclav Havel is hoping to see an EU village grow up in the vicinity of Prague Castle - an alley of houses, each representing an EU member state - President Klaus has put his foot down. He has other plans for the premises. He wants to make it a less stately and more pleasant place for the public. For instance there are plans for small shops, restaurants and salons to fill the third courtyard. We don't just want five star restaurants but a normal pub as well, the head of the project told journalists. This is in line with the image that President Vaclav Klaus is trying to project - being a "people's" president. On the other hand the former president Vaclav Havel is said to be put out that some of the projects he launched have been scrapped. He is reportedly not giving up on the idea of having a Euro alley in the vicinity of Prague Castle. By the time the project is all set there might well be a different President in office, the chief architect of this particular project noted recently.

Fire fighters are called to various emergencies. Over the past few days they've been kept busy helping swans trapped in the ice on the Vltava river. But frozen birds are not all they are asked to bring out. Last week a man accidentally parked his Skoda car on the Vltava river. Everything was fine until he stepped out and realized he had driven off the embankment and was standing on the icy surface of the river. He promptly abandoned the vehicle - and called the fire brigade to get the car back on solid ground.

Vltava river,  photo: CTK
In another incident in Prague this week - a car started up all by itself and drove off, much to its owner's dismay. The car which was parked in the street outside the owner's flat drove through the housing estate and eventually crashed into a lamp-post - before it could do serious harm. Eye witnesses testified that the car was empty and the police found no keys inside although the motor was running. Experts who investigated the incident said that the engine was faulty and a short circuit had accidentally started up the motor. The hand break had not been applied and the car had been left in gear - ready to roll.....

The Senate has rejected a proposal for March 8th to be officially registered as international women's day in the Czech Republic. In a fiery speech against marking the day, Senator Josef Pavlata described it as "a repulsive reminder of the communist regime when women would get chocolates, soap and towels and men would get roaring drunk". The decision has not gone down at all well with representatives of the feminist movement. Mrs. Michaela Marksova Tominova of the Centre for Gender Studies took a verbal swipe at the senator saying it was a pity he was still trapped in the old days. If the senator bothered to take a look around Europe on March 8th he would see that international women's day is marked quite differently, among other things by heightened attention to equality of the sexes, women's rights and related problems, Mrs. Tominova said.

Bill Gates,  photo: CTK
Bill Gates' one day visit to Prague this week received plenty of publicity. And of course one question that never fails to draw readers' attention is: How rich is the richest man in the world? In an attempt to bring this home to Czechs the daily took the trouble to figure out how long a Czech with an average salary would have to work in order to amass 46 billion dollars. The answer was: six million years. Well, I' m sure that clears things up for most people....

Winter Survival Contest,  photo: CTK
NATO soldiers from 6 member states are currently stretching their physical resources to the limit in the Jeseniky mountains. The 5 day endurance contest- called Winter Survival - provides some of the harshest endurance tests you can get and organizers are proud of the interest it has generated abroad. It is like extreme sports but worse because of the weather conditions, a Czech soldier says. We keep in shape all year round of course - but once a year we come here and really touch rock bottom. It gives you confidence because you know that if you pass this test - you're still up there with the best of them!