Prague's stunning Vltava viewpoints 

In few cities in the world can you find such diverse scenery on the river as on the Vltava in Prague.

Zbraslav | Photo: Miloš Turek,  Radio Prague International

When it enters the capital, the Vltava is almost hidden by the slopes of the Zbraslav quarry and the slopes of the Zvolská Homole hill. The entry to the quarry is prohibited, but there is a blue-marked trail leading to its edge of the quarry, which offers a stunning look into the river valley.

From Zbraslav, the Vltava flows along the Chuchle horse racing stadium towards the Děvín hill, located in the nature reserve of Prokopské udolí, a popular place for picnics. Here you can enjoy views of the Church of St. Philip and Jacob in Zlíchov or the skyscrapers of Pankrác, Podolí, Braník rocks and of course the river below.

Vyšehrad | Photo: Miloš Turek,  Radio Prague International

As the Vltava enters the south of Prague it becomes more urban with embankments for pedestrians between Vyšehrad and the Old Town. Vyšehrad is shaped not only by the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, but also by the massive 17th century fortress walls. It offers striking views of the Vltava bridges and Prague Castle.

Letná | Photo: Miloš Turek,  Radio Prague International

Once the river enters the city center, the embankments get livelier with beer gardens by the Castle and in the Letná Parks. As the river heads north past Prague Zoo, nature resumes control again.

Some of the must-see Vltava viewpoints at this end of Prague include Baba, located in the famous modernist housing estate, and the Sedlec Rock, from where you can watch the river flow out of the capital into the Central Bohemian region.

Letná | Photo: Miloš Turek,  Radio Prague International
Author: Miloš Turek