Adult film star among unusual Czech candidates for EU Parliament

Dolly Buster

Czech voters already know the ballot sheet numbers of the political parties and groupings they can choose from in the country's first ever elections to the European Parliament in June. The parties registered to take part in the election were given their numbers in a draw held by the State Electoral Commission on Tuesday. And many say they are planning to use them in the upcoming campaign.

Dolly Buster
The result of Tuesday's draw certainly pleased the European Democrats of former Prague mayor Jan Kasl. With the number one on their ballots, he said his party will emphasise they want the Czech Republic to be number one in the EU. The Independent Movement of former TV Nova boss Vladimir Zelezny - who you heard earlier in the programme - drew the number 32, the highest number on offer. Mr Zelezny said his grouping now has another catchphrase to add to its election slogans: "Save the best for last".

There are some rather curious parties among the 31 parties registered for the European Parliament election. There are the monarchists of the Czech Crown, the Common Sense Party, the Ostrava-Is-Having-A-Good-Time Party and also the Independent Initiative, formerly known as the Independent Erotic Initiative. The number one on their list of candidates is the retired Czech born porn star Dolly Buster.

Ms Buster, nee Katerina Bochnickova, left Czechoslovakia with her parents when she was 14. Since then she has lived and worked in neighbouring Germany. When Radio Prague asked Dolly Buster whether she felt Czech or German, she had this to say.

"I was born here, I have Czech citizenship and I feel like a Czech. On the other hand I have lived in Germany for a long time. But I don't think it matters how one feels in terms of nationality. Because we are all Europeans, we are going to the European Union and that's what it's all about."

Dolly Buster's election programme is clear and simple and she says the chances of her party seem pretty good.

"I would like the Czech Republic to be number one among the newcomer states in the European Union. And by running for the European Parliament I am drawing attention to the Czech Republic. I need five percent to get in the European Parliament. But according to polls we have between 15 and 70 percent of public support, depending on the region."

It will now be up to Czech voters to decide - whether they give their votes based on the parties' manifestos, whether they follow the magic of numbers or, for example, fall for Dolly Busters charms.