Leaked photographs show convicted Czech lobbyist at ski resort

Leaked photographs, published by news site Seznam Zprávy on Tuesday, show former Czech lobbyist Roman Janoušek, who received a 4.5-year-long prison sentence for seriously injuring a woman while drink driving, at a skiing resort in Austria. The images have caused outrage, because Mr. Janoušek has thus far been able to avoid serving most of his sentence due to suffering from an incurable disease.

The former lobbyist served over a year in prison after being convicted, but was released in 2018 after undergoing brain surgery, with doctors stating he required a walking stick. The photographs, taken during the winter of 2019-2020, show Mr. Janoušek in the Austrian Alps wearing ski clothing and pulling a sled. His lawyer has refused to comment on the images, saying that he does not have the mandate to do so.

Author: Tom McEnchroe