Court orders billionaire Czech lobbyist Roman Janoušek must return to prison

Billionaire businessman and high-profile lobbyist Roman Janoušek must return to prison to finish out his sentence for a hit-and-run incident while drunk driving, the Regional Court in Brno has ordered.

Janoušek was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison but was released after one year, following brain surgery and on the grounds that he was suffering from an incurable disease.

In February, photographs emerged of him skiing at a resort in the Austrian Alps, and authorities have concluded that since having surgery he has shown no signs of serious health problems.

Eyewitnesses to the 2012 hit-and-run incident testified that Janoušek deliberately ran over a woman with his luxury Porsche Cayenne after damaging her car in a minor collision. He also been accused of allegedly bribing officials, rigging public tenders, and laundering money via a Swiss bank account.

Author: Brian Kenety