EXPO 2005: The best of the Czech Republic on one thousand square metres

Model of a Czech pavilion, photo: The Czech Commissioner-General

If you don't have any plans for 2005 yet, we suggest you to visit the world EXPO exhibition in Aichi, Japan. The organizers recently introduced a virtual model of the exhibition area. And the Czech Republic is getting ready, too.

The Czech Republic was one of the first countries to submit an application to take part in EXPO 2005. Preparations have been underway since last year. The Czech Commissioner-General was elected a member of EXPO´s Steering Committee, which defends the interests of all 121 participating states. Recently the organizing committee released some new information on the location and programme of the Czech exposition. Karolina Zaoralkova from the organizing committee told us more about the Czech exposition.

"Nature's wisdom is the main theme of EXPO 2005. The Czech Republic applied for one of the sub-themes - The Art of Life. This is the subject of a tender for the screenplay, synopsis, libretto and design of the exposition, as well as its realization. We hope we will know the winner of this tender by spring 2004."

Thanks to good diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Czech pavilion, which will provide almost one thousand square metres for the exposition, will be in an exclusive location. Karolina Zaoralkova describes the site.

"The Czech Republic was officially informed about the location of the Czech pavilion in a very prestigious site, which is expected to attract a considerable number of visitors. Every visitor who wants to visit the European zone or the EXPO dome has to pass by the Czech pavilion."

Five million tickets have been sold already. Up to ten thousand visitors could visit the Czech pavilion every day. The exact program and design of the Czech exposition depends on the outcome of the tender, but some details are already known. The evening show on the Czech national day will be devoted to classical music, another part of the programme will be the Week of Czech Glass. Karolina Zaoralkova explains.

"The Week of Czech Glass, one of the five accompanying programmes during the EXPO, will present the best of Czech glass."

In Japan there is a specialized glass-making centre, which closely cooperates with Czech experts and glass artists. The week of Czech glass will also include seminars and a workshop.

The mobile part of the Czech exposition is a completely new concept. Czech regions will introduce themselves to their Japanese partner districts. The Czech organizers hope that partnership between the Czech regions and Japanese districts will continue even after the end of EXPO 2005.

Although the Czech organizing committee had to cope with budget cuts caused by last year's floods, everything seems to be going well. Let's hope that the Czech pavilion will be as successful as the one in Brussels in 1958, which was awarded the prize for best exposition.