Ex-PM’s wife, top lobbyist, acquitted of abusing BIS classified info

Former PM Petr Nečas’s wife has been acquitted along with two other suspects in a case relating to the leak of classified BIS counter-intelligence agency information in 2013 that helped topple the Nečas government.

The Prague court’s verdict is not final and the prosecution has already filed an appeal. The court found insufficient evidence to convict the defendants, and said that while some of their deeds were unethical, they were not criminal.

In 2017, Jana Nečasová, who led the PM’s office before marrying him, was been found guilty of abusing BIS information but given a suspended sentence. So too were influential lobbyist Ivo Rittig and his lawyer David Michal.

The prosecutor sought a 3-year prison sentence for Nečasová, who passed on BIS information to Rittig and Michal, and financial penalties and other conditions be imposed on the two men.

Author: Brian Kenety