Despite crisis one in five Czech workers mull switching jobs

Фото: Pixabay, Public Domain

Despite the relative economic uncertainty sparked by the coronavirus crisis, Czechs are not necessarily holding on tooth and nail to their jobs, suggests research by the STEM/MARK agency for the HR company cited by newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes. In fact, one in five members of the labour force are contemplating switching jobs this year, the study indicates.

One in three respondents who said they were considering a change of scenery listed higher pay as their motivation. Other factors mentioned were burnout, stress or simply a lack of enjoyment of their jobs. The sixth most common reason was poor relations with colleagues.

By contrast, three-quarters of those who do not intend to find new pastures say that they are satisfied with their position. At the same time, the survey suggest that people are a little happier at work now than they were a year ago.

Photo: Anna Kottová,  Czech Radio

Štěpánka Zdvořáková, HR chief with the company Schindler, said that employees appreciate having job security. In addition, some have been impressed by the way their companies responded to the Covid-19 situation in terms of security and organisation, she told Mladá fronta Dnes.

Some others are staying where they are despite feelings of discontent, the poll suggests. Though dissatisfied, they are unwilling to take risks at present over fears of layoffs. Others say they lack the courage or drive to apply for a new post.

František Boudný, director of HR firm Předvýběr.CZ, says figures obtained since the coronavirus pandemic first hit the Czech Republic in March indicate that employers are taking a “more realistic” approach to work than previously.

In addition, people are placing greater value in workplace relationships while also taking a more matter-of-fact view of changes impacting work, Mr. Boudný said.

The employment specialist said he would recommend those who are really dissatisfied in their job to take a risk, adding that talented people would find a fresh berth and that worthwhile opportunities are there to be had.

Jaroslava Rezlerová, head of ManpowerGroup for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, told Mladá fronta Dnes that the labour market was starting to see major shifts between companies and sectors.

Some firms are making hires to fill the gap left by international sources of labour, Ms. Rezlerová said. Nevertheless, some firms, for instance in the construction sector, are having trouble finding workers and are having to extend delivery deadlines.

However, most employers are not in hiring mode, the ManpowerGroup director said. Layoffs can be expected in sectors such as accommodation, hospitality, the financial sector and manufacturing, she said.