Daily news summary

Babiš calls on trade minister to explain deal with EMH or resign

ANO leader Andrej Babiš has said Trade and Industry Minister Jiří Havlíček should provide an explanation as to why he signed a memorandum on a deal enabling the Australian company European Metals Holdings the right to mine lithium the Czech Republic or else resign.

Babiš described the agreement as „daylight robbery“ saying the privilege of mining the country’s natural resources should go to a Czech state-owned company.

The Communist Party agrees with the argument and has already collected 60 signatures in favour of calling a special session of Parliament on the matter ahead of the general elections.

Forum 2,000: democracy fragile in present-day world

Democracy is seriously threatened in the present-day world due to a rise in corruption, organized crime, populism and extremism, participants in the Forum 2,000 conference concluded in the first panel debate on Monday.

The conference which brings together thinkers from around the globe is also focusing on the impact of the social media on democracy. German political analyst Yasha Mounk pointed out that thanks to social networks extremists have become more voluble and more connected, a process that has fuelled populism in many states.

Former Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzáles noted that functional democratic systems had only survived in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand which is roughly 27 percent of the world.

Road and Rail Directorate starts dismantling illegal billboards

The Road and Rail Directorate has started dismantling billboards along the country’s highways and main roads that are in violation of a new law on safety, the ctk news agency reported.

The law, which came into force on September 1st, bans advertisement billboards within 250 meters from main roads and highways.

The legislation has met with strong opposition from outdoor advertising operators some of whom attempted to bypass it by replacing advertisements with gigantic Czech flags and other non-commercial posters.

The Road and Rail Directorate says it has counted around 500 billboards in violation of the law which will now be dismantled.

Brno International Engineering Fair opens

The Brno International Engineering Fair opens its doors to visitors on Monday, October 9th. Over 1,600 companies are exhibiting their products this year with an emphasis on industrial automation.

The strongest representation is from Germany, India, Slovakia and China. The fair, which lasts until Friday, is accompanied by a number of side events such as lectures and seminars.

Escaped wolf sighted in Šumava Mountains

Four of the wolves which escaped from a nature reserve in Bavaria are still on the loose, the head of the Šumava National Park told journalists on Monday.

One wolf was run over by a train, another was shot for safety reasons near a holiday resort in Haus zur Wildnis. Another was sighted in the Šumava Mountains over the weekend.

People have been warned that in the event of sighting one of the wolves they should not try to approach them, feed them or take pictures.

An all- out effort is being made to recapture the animals which were bred in captivity and would have a hard time surviving in the wild.

No Time To Lose gives Vana tenth victory

No Time To Lose won the Pardubicka Great Steeplechase on Sunday. The horse ridden by jockey Jan Kratochvil was trained by Josef Vana, the Czech Republic’s most successful jockey in history, giving him a tenth victory in the Pardubice race as a trainer. Urgent de Gregaine with Felixem de Gilesem came second.

Weather forecast

Tuesday should bring overcast skies and rain around the country with day temperatures between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius.