Czechast with Radek Špicar

Radek Špicar

Radek Špicar is a notable Czech figure with a rich background in both the political and business landscapes of the Czech Republic and beyond.

A graduate of Charles University and, with experience from the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, and Georgetown University in Washington, DC, United  states, Radek Špicar has worn many hats.

"It was an experience which was really worth it. I became much more independent as an individual. I was given an opportunity to study with US Army retired generals, presidents and prime ministers. Which is something students usually do not experience in Czechia."

Currently, Radek serves as the Vice President of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, and he’s also deeply involved with Business Europe, the largest employer's association in the EU. We spoke on the 20th anniversary of Czechias entry to the European Union.

"Without the membership in the European Union we would be deeply in trouble. We are one of most open economies in the world. We are totally dependant on exports. And if you imagine our exporters having to overcome tariffs that protect the internal market, it would be a disaster."

Whether you're interested in Czech business, politics, or just keen to hear from one of the prominent minds in our country, this episode is for you.

Author: Vít Pohanka
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