Czechast with Lucie Wenigerová and Magda Aksamitová


We'll hear from two extraordinary Czech women who've woven their lives into the fabric of this the vibrant city of London.

First up, we'll meet Lucie Wenigerová, a dynamic film producer who, along with her Northern Irish husband and their two daughters, navigates the bustling world of British cinema while keeping her Czech roots alive.

Lucie Wenigerová | Photo: Jiří Hošek,  Czech Radio

"My husbands family are from Ulster and I am now quite confident to say that I understand their accent more than the English do and that makes me proud. The cliché would probalby be that I feel European, and yes, that's what I am: I was born in Ostrava and I think it is pretty cool. But I feel comfortable in both the cultures."

Following Lucie, we'll dive into the thoughts of Magda Aksamitová, a keen sociologist whose insights on Czech expat life are shaped by her own multicultural family, including a New Zealander husband and a curious six-year-old daughter.

"She can instantly switch between being Czech, New Zealander and obviously English. She does not have British citizenship but she likes fish and chips, knows she was born in London and for her it is something quite natural."

As Britain continues to reshape its identity post-Brexit, my guests today share their personal and profound stories. They'll reveal how living in bilingual and bicultural families impacts their children’s sense of identity and belonging.

Author: Vít Pohanka
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