Czech expats sing Christmas carols

Photo: geralt / Pixabay CC0

Christmas is traditionally a time to spend with families and friends, and also singing Christmas carols. However, due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, many people won’t be able to meet with their loved ones this year. To celebrate the festive season, Czech expats from the music ensemble Melimelo in Luxembourg came up with an idea to virtually connect with other Czechs living abroad. In short videos shared online, we can see where they live and how they maintain Czech Christmas traditions. In today’s edition of Sunday Music Show, you can listen to Christmas carols, recorded by children from Czech communities living abroad.

The videos on our website were created by Veronika Macleod and Radka Petersen from Czech School Scotland CIC; Music arrangements, singing and mixing were done by Štěpán Janča from Lockerbie Dryfesdale, Hutton and Corrie Church of Scotland; and the videos were edited by Richard Ježek from Kukscinema Scotland.

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