Czech Christmas

Radio Prague International prepared for you selection of articles on Christmas traditions.

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    Czech Christmas


    The period of Advent coincides with the commemorative days of a number of saints, which also include a number of other popular customs and superstitions.

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    Czech Christmas

    Czech Christmas Today

    Czechs begin preparing for Christmas early, preferably by the middle of November, at which time they already have money saved that they want to spend on Christmas.

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    Czech Christmas

    Traditional Czech Christmas

    The winter holidays, which climax with Christmas Eve, begin with the season of Advent, which is actually a period of preparation for the Christmas holidays.

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    Czech Christmas

    Nativity Scenes

    The first Nativity scene appeared in 1223 in Italy, when Francis of Assisi brought in a live donkey and ox, and held Christmas mass at the manger as he would at the altar.

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    Czech Christmas

    Christmas tree

    The first lighting of a Christmas tree was in 1812 in the Prague villa of the director of the Theater of the Estates, Jan K. Liebich.

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    Czech Christmas

    Christmas glass decorations

    The Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou presents the exhibition "Christmas glass decorations: Past, present, vision"