Czech children using more bad language

Many things have changed in this country in the last decade or so. Czechs have had to get used to increased crime, drugs and graffiti. Many believe that something else has also changed for the worse - today's children are using more bad language than their parents' generation did. Olga Kadanikova was a schoolteacher for several years. Ian Willoughby asked her where children were learning the swear-words which they now use so freely.

"I'd say everywhere - in the media, that's a common opinion. I'd say that life is getting more free, more topics are freely discussed They hear much more things and topics than generations before."

How much are parents to blame?

"Very much, because it depends on the language they use. Adults, parents, everyone who deals with children has to keep things in balance."

Do you have children? "Yes, I do."

Are you careful what they watch?

"I was, but they are now quite grown up. They are 17 and 20. But I feel that they could see much more than I could when I was a child."

When you were a child did you and your friends use bad language?

"We used some words but much, much less and we were much more afraid to use bad language in front of adults. And that's what children don't feel these days. They use any word, even in front of a teacher or another adult, so that's much different."

Do you think children have less respect these days?

"You can't say that. I think I could feel a lot of respect from my schoolchildren but still they weren't shy to say things that I wouldn't have said when I was a child. I'm not sure if it's a matter of respect. It's a common feature of life these days I would say."