Zeman says he wants a list of supporting MPs before he gives old coalition another chance

In an interview for the Czech Press Agency, President Miloš Zeman said on Thursday said that he expects some parties to vote for the caretaker government in a confidence vote. The president has been meeting with representatives of parties in the lower house of parliament since Sunday in an effort to shore up support for the caretaker cabinet, which he named two weeks ago. He also said that in case Jiří Rusnok’s cabinet does not get the support in parliament, he expected the former center-right coalition to provide him with a list of 101 signatures from deputies who would support the old coalition, verified by a notary, before he would consider giving the coalition of Civic Democrats, TOP 09 and LIDEM party to attempt to form a new government. Deputy chairwoman of the Civic Democratic party, Miroslava Němcová, who is expected to lead the possible reincarnation of the old coalition, said that the parliament should deny the president’s request outright.

Author: Masha Volynsky