Rusnok government faces upcoming confidence vote

Next Wednesday, August 7, will see a session in the Chamber of Deputies which will determine whether Jiří Rusnok’s government gains legitimacy. The news was confirmed earlier by the speaker of the lower house, Miroslava Němcová. The interim government is the first in the country’s history to have been formed without first gaining broader political support. The cabinet will need a minimum 101 votes in the 200 member chamber to pass.

The former centre-right coalition of the Civic Democrats, TOP 09, and LIDEM maintain they should have been given the nod to try and form a new government instead after a scandal forced the previous cabinet to step down. Mrs Němcová was put forward as a candidate for the centre-right but her bid was bypassed by the president who can – under the Constitution – name whomever he wishes as PM.

Earlier this week, it was reported that 101 MPs for the centre-right could confirm their majority in front of the president, signing a document during the session which Mr Zeman has said he will attend.

Author: Jan Velinger