West Ham fans clash with police on Old Town Square

West Ham fans celebrating their victory over Fiorentina clashed with police in the centre of Prague in the night hours, the ctk news agency reported. A scuffle broke out after police officers tried to prevent fans setting off flares in the historic Old Town Square. When the police moved to confiscate a lit flare fans responding by pelting the officers with bottles and missiles.

Thousands of West Ham fans filled the centre of Prague to watch the game on screens or in pubs, having failed to get tickets and celebrated their victory boisterously in the night hours.

Three Fiorentina fans were injured and 16 people detained even before the game started. The incident happened in a bar on Rytířská Street in the centre of Prague where Fiorentina fans reportedly attacked West Ham fans. Fiorentina supporters also attacked a police officer, a police spokesperson told the ctk news agency.