2024: Drivers now face stiff fines for road law violations

Speeding, drink-driving and aggressive behavior on the road is something traffic police in Czechia deal with on a daily basis. Now a new points system aims to enforce discipline behind the wheel.

Photo: Štěpánka Kadlečková,  APF Czech Radio

The most serious transgressions, which often result in fatal accidents, are speeding, drink-driving and using a hand-held mobile phone while driving. Under the new road law which has just come into effect, all of these transgressions will result in steeper fines. Drivers will get two, four or six points for a given violation.

Speeding and drink driving will be penalized with higher fines and a maximum six penalty points. With a maximum limit of 12 points this means “two strikes and you are out” for serious transgressions and “three strikes and you are out” for less serious ones.

On reaching 12 points the driver’s license will be confiscated for the duration of a year after which they have to take driving tests anew.

Photo: petto123,  Pixabay,  CC BY 1.0 DEED

On-the-spot fines have doubled to CZK 5,500 for serious offences. For less serious offences, such as a passenger not being strapped in with a seatbelt, the on-the-spot penalty is set at CZK 1,500 to 2,000. For moderately serious offences, such as failing to give way, it is CZK 2,500 to 3,500. For the most serious, such as running a red light, it is CZK 4,500 to 5,500.

For committing serious offences drivers will now pay significantly more than they did last year.

For example, the penalty for talking on the phone while driving is now four points and the on-the-spot fine is CZK 3,500 crowns. In administrative proceedings, it will be up to CZK 10,000.

Stricter penalties can also be expected for speeding. Drivers caught speeding can now be fined up to CZK 25,000 in administrative proceedings and in the case of a significant speeding offence, they could pay the ultimate price, says Jiří Zlý, head of the traffic police.

"In the case of the most significant speed limit offences of crossing the set limit by 40 km/h or more in a municipality and 50 km/h or more outside of a municipality, the police officer will withhold the driver's license."

Photo: Jan Ptáček,  APF Czech Radio

Traffic police report an increasing number of drivers drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs.

For drink-driving, drivers will get six points instead of the current seven, but will pay an administrative fine of up to CZK 25, 000 up from the previous CZK 20, 000.

The penalty for refusing an alcohol or drug test is CZK 75, 000 and in serious cases drivers risk a 3-year ban on driving. People caught driving without a license or driving when they have had their license suspended also face a CZK 75, 000 fine.

A novelty that drivers will doubtless welcome is that they will no longer have to carry their driver's license and vehicle documents with them. And young people can start driving at the age of 17 under the supervision of a parent or another experienced driver with a clean slate.