Warehouse workers in short supply, reports Czech Radio

Illustrative photo: Álvaro Ibáñez, CC BY 2.0

According to Czech Radio, warehouse workers are in short supply in the Czech Republic and more are needed monthly, as newer and newer logistics centres go up.

Illustrative photo: Álvaro Ibáñez, CC BY 2.0
The increasing number of warehouse facilities and logistic centres in the Czech Republic, belonging to private firms but also online sellers, means that warehouse staff, from material handlers to vehicle operators, are in short supply.

The head of online seller Mall.cz’s distribution centre Petr Skyva confirmed for Czech Radio that newer and newer facilities were going up by the day (like mushrooms after rain) and that the competition was fierce. One problem is that warehouse work is not for everyone and the sector general sees a high fluctuation among employees. That and other factors have contributed to a gap of qualified staff.

The gap continues even though some 40 jobs were replaced through automation; Mall.cz packs and ships up to 60,000 items per day. He told Czech Radio that as things stood, he was still some 20 employees short. Increased demand for warehouse workers, as a whole has gone up. Michal Novák, manager of the internet site Profesia.cz, summed up data from over the last five years, during which offers for warehouse jobs had gone up threefold.

Because of increased demand, he told flagship station Radiožurnál, employers were now offering better salaries and terms. Better conditions, he pointed out, included bonuses for cultural or social events.

Whereas five years ago, the average monthly salary for a warehouse worker was 18 thousand crowns a month that number now stands at 20.5 thousand. But the salaries are higher in the capital. Firms such as Amazon offer monthly salaries of almost 28,000 crowns a month and Kaufland as much as 34,000, the broadcaster reported (the equivalent of around 1,300 euros).