Waldemar Matuška, one of the country’s most beloved singers

Waldemar Matuška

Waldemar Matuška, one of the country’s most popular singers, would have turned 90 this June. He enjoyed his hey-day in the 1960s and 1970s. With his masculine appearance and rich baritone, he appealed especially to female audience.

Waldemar Matuška in the movie "All My Good Countrymen" | Photo: Jaromír Komárek,  Barrandov Studio

Born in Košice, Slovakia, Matuška grew up in Prague and followed in the footsteps of his mother, an opera singer. He played various musical instruments, including the guitar, double bass, and his favourite banjo.

He started out as an actor with the legendary theatre company Semafor, before appearing in popular movies in the 1960s, such as If a Thousand Clarinets and All My Good Countrymen.

Waldemar Matuška | Photo: Czech Radio

Alongside his numerous solo hits, Matuška also sang with a number of other huge names in Czech popular music, including Helena Vondráčková, Marta Kubišová, Hana Hegerová and Karel Gott.

In 1986, Waldemar Matuška emigrated to the US and lived in Florida until his death at the age of 76.

Waldemar Matuška - Tereza (1965)