University representatives appeal against spread of anti-Semitism in academic sphere

More than thirty Czech university representatives have signed an appeal to academic institutions and to the leadership of faculties and departments not to allow the spread of anti-Semitism in the academic environment. According to them, its manifestations are also beginning to appear at universities in Czechia.

The authors of the letter criticize the tearing down of posters commemorating the Jewish victims of the 7 October Hamas attack and condemn the anti-Jewish slogans and calls for the genocide of the Jewish citizens of Israel. They demand that all legal steps be taken against any manifestations of hatred.

The letter was written by David Jan Novotný from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University and Věra Tydlitátová from the Faculty of Arts at the University of West Bohemia and was signed, among others, by professors Martin C. Putna and Helena Třeštíková.

Author: Ruth Fraňková