Unique items found at house where Jan Kubiš was born

Workers renovating a house in Dolní Vilémovice (where Jan Kubiš – a British-trained paratrooper during World War II was born) recovered several unique items including letters, part of a military uniform, and photographs, Prague’s Institute of Military History revealed. Jan Kubiš and fellow soldier Jozef Gabčík pulled off a daring attack against acting Reichsprotector and ‘Hangman of Bohemia’ Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. Heydrich died several days later of his wounds. Kubiš, Gabčík and another five paratroopers were later surrounded at the Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodious on Resslova Street and paid with their lives for the assassination. Kubiš was wounded and died in hospital; the others committed suicide to avoid capture. The items in Mr Kubiš’s home were found under a stair that had rotted through.

Author: Jan Velinger