Ukrainian-Czech Christmas market aims to “bring two cultures together”

Ukrainian-Czech Christmas market

Hall 17 at Prague’s Holešovická tržnice will be home to a Ukrainian-Czech themed Christmas market this Sunday, aiming to promote collaboration between the two cultures, and support artisans from both countries. To learn more about the event, I spoke with coordinator Soňa Spěváková.

“There is a combination of Czech and Ukrainian vendors, who will sell their own handmade products. But it’s not just this, there will also be a lot of workshops for adults and kids, and also a Ukrainian singer and band who will be playing during the day.”

I’m curious why you think these events that promote Czech-Ukrainian collaboration are important?

“Our aim is to bring two cultures together. Czech and Ukrainian culture actually has a lot in common, and we wanted to show the public that Ukrainian vendors are just as skilled as Czech ones, and that we are all the same people living on this planet.”

Photo: Hana Slavická,  Radio Prague International

I’m sure with the war going on in Ukraine, these acts of solidarity are very important?

“Yes, exactly. And we also want to show people a positive image of “the refugees”. Maybe from time to time, people forget that the Ukrainian people are still living through a heavy and difficult situation.”

You mentioned something about the picture that people have of Ukrainian refugees, is this sometimes a negative perception?

“Perhaps, I can’t say, because we didn’t make any research, it’s just a feeling that refugees have mentioned themselves.”

Photo: Hana Slavická,  Radio Prague International

What are you most looking forward to about the market this weekend?

“Personally, I will be there from the morning with 12 volunteers who will be helping us decorate Hall 17 of Holešovická tržnice. Then, the doors open at 12pm, and I am so excited for people to come and support our event. We will be at the entrance welcoming everyone who wants to come and enjoy a nice Sunday and maybe purchase their last Christmas gifts.”

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