Thousands gather in Wenceslas Square for anti-government demonstration

Thousands of people gathered in Prague's Wenceslas Square on Saturday afternoon for an anti-government demonstration under the slogan "Czechia Against Poverty" called by the Pravo Respekt Odbornost (PRO) party. The demonstration started at 2 p.m. after Bedřich Smetana's Má Vlast was played from loudspeakers in the square.

The demonstrators' list of demands includes the resignation of the cabinet, stopping social media operators from restricting freedom of speech, passing a law that requires the media to provide objective and balanced information, and a peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine, including the end of supplying military equipment to the country and the possible organization of a peace conference in the Czech Republic. They also want the government to acquire 100% control of energy giant ČEZ, in which it now holds approximately 70% of shares, and to abandon the system of trading emission allowances.

Lawyer Jindřich Rajchl founded the PRO party last year. He has previously stated that the Czech Republic is getting poorer mainly due to the self-destructive energy policy of the European Union, which he says is unquestioningly promoted by the Czech government.

Author: Anna Fodor