Thousands evacuated from their homes as flood waters hit

Fire fighters helped evacuate more than 7,000 people on Sunday and Monday from areas hit by the floods, in the region of central, northern and western Bohemia, including parts of the Czech capital. Teams of fire fighters were also instrumental in putting up anti-flood barriers. In Prague, the Hostivař and Záběhlice neighbourhoods in the southeast of the city were hit. Hundreds of homes in Modřany and Zbraslav in the south of the city were also evacuated while some people in Lahovice and Velká Chuchle were rescued by helicopter.

Parts of all three city metro lines (including part of line A which runs through the city’s historic centre) have been closed and will remain so over the coming days. The transit authority has provided alternative transport in the form of busses and special trams. Sources reported commuters relied heavily on those on Monday.

Author: Jan Velinger