Survey: Czechs mistrust their partner’s financial skills

Фото: luxstorm / Pixabay CC0

Czechs do not have much confidence in their partner’s financial skills, suggests a survey carried out by the post office bank, Poštovní spořitelna. They suspect their partners of excessive spending and in many cases they are unwilling to lend them money.

Photo: luxstorm,  Pixabay,  CC0
“Both men and women think that their respective partners spend twice as much as they themselves do on useless things,” Poštovní Spořitelna executive manager Jana Opršalová told the Czech News Agency.

According to the survey, carried out among more than 1,500 respondents, some 19 percent of women blame their partners for spending too much on cigarettes, while 15 percent of men think women spend too much on clothes.

“What is interesting is that the respondents of our survey are also very strict with themselves. They often blame themselves for expenses, which their partners don’t mind at all,” Opršalová said.

Around one third of the people surveyed said they spend too much on food and think their partners manage to save more. They also think they themselves spend too much on entertainment.

According to the survey, every fifth man would not lend money to his partner, and the same is true for 28 percent of women. The willingness to lend money to a partner significantly changes with age.

While people under the age of 29 would only reject a request for a loan in 17 percent of cases, in the age group of over 60 that figure increases to over 30 percent.

“We record a growing uncertainty in relationships and a diminishing mutual trust among partners. That is true not only for relationships but also in the financial sphere, psychologist Martina Jirásková said, commenting on the results.