Summer sales


This year's summer in the Czech Republic has been rather disappointing so far, with not many of the blazing hot days that we experienced last year. While some people might be pleased because they don't have to suffer in smelly trams and buses, others say that the rainy weather has been influencing people's mood, the color of our skin and most importantly our daily intake of ice-cream and beer. All in all we are depressed and pale.

To be honest I am not a fan of tropical weather especially when encaged in concrete Prague. But when the very first tropical weekend was forecast and people cheered up, watching closely for the first hint of blue sky, I made up my mind. It was high time to pay a visit to an open-air swimming pool. If nothing else I would help the ice-cream or beer producers.

Easy as it may seem, a big problem appeared before long: a swimming costume! I set off for a shopping centre advertising "a swimming costume sale". However color, size, price and fashion are difficult things to grow into. A few hours later I felt shattered. Having a break and a coffee in a third air-conditioned mall I had to admit that I was not going to succeed.

As all women know a journey to a shopping center is not worth the energy if you don't purchase at least a pair of socks. The first pair I bought that day was blue, the second orange, two new tops were a bargain, shoes a necessity and cosmetics a little treat. Walking home with all different plastic bags I felt the same way as when I was living in England two years ago. My best friend used to say then: "Don´t buy it, it´s a bargain."

The hot weekend is long gone and forgotten by most people. Not by me though. I did not go to the open-air swimming pool, didn't buy a swimming costume and spent more than I had intended - thanks to retailers and new collections for the summer sales. Let's hope that there won't be any more hot weekends and temptation to join the "sun lovers".

By the way if you have some insight into what the weather is going to be like for the rest of this summer in the Czech Republic, please let me know!